In Italy
1,642,165 companies
are exposed to floods
8 billions of estimated damage
since 2013 onwards as a consequence
of extreme weather events
90% of Italian SMEs go bankrupt
after a business interruption
longer than a week
following a natural disaster
In 2015
increase in temperature
led to an increase in death
comprised between 15% and 55%
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DERRIS is the first European project that involves the public administration and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to reduce the risks deriving from extreme weather events.

  • DERRIS innovates the models of public-private partnerships between insurers, PA and businesses.
  • DERRIS is carrying out a pilot project in the industrial urban districts of Turin, involving 30 SMEs.
  • DERRIS provides training on risk assessment and risk management.
  • DERRIS has set up a climate risk self-assessment tool for SMEs.
  • DERRIS aims at preserving local territories and increasing their resilience.
  • DERRIS analyses innovative financial instruments to fund climate change adaptation actions.
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