the problem
Extreme climate events such as floods, landslides, tornadoes, heatwaves or frost, are risks that will hit Italia more and more often.

The damage caused by those disasters have high impacts on economic stability and growth of the hit areas.

In Italy Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) do not have adequate risk assessment and management tools.

the solution
DERRIS project provides concrete solutions thanks to a partnership between an insurer, Public Administration and businesses.

The project aims at providing SMEs with useful tools to reduce the risks. To achieve this objective, the project will:

  • Transfer knowledge from the insurer to the PA and SMEs on risk assessment and risk management of climate change-related events;
  • Set a self-assessment tool that will allow SMEs to evaluate the risks and adopt prevention and emergency management measures;
  • Implement innovative models of private-public partnerships between insurers, Public Administration and businesses, to increase urban resilience;
  • Analyse innovative financial instruments to fund climate change adaptation actions.

To meet these objectives the project includes the implementation of a set of actions.

DERRIS was launched in September 2015 and will last until September 2018, (duration: 36 months).
The total budget for the project amounts to €1,317,166 of which 60% financed by the EU.. The co-financing received from the European Commission amounts to €790,299.