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Risk assessment

SMEs are extremely vulnerable to climate risks.

In addition to direct damage (such as machinery breakdown or the loss of goods as a result of flooding), indirect damage (such as the interruption to production) may impact the business even more seriously.

In a context characterized by climate change, only those businesses which implement methodologies to control the risks arising from extreme weather events can secure and increase the corporate value in the long run.

The project developed a simple and immediate tool that gives SMEs the opportunity to understand which risks they are exposed to in case of extreme weather events, and what could be the solutions to be implemented to prevent damage.

The tool was developped during the pilot phase in Turin and will be further tested with the SMEs that will be involved in Genoa, Padua and in other 8 cities that will participate in the project.

The tool is available at the following link.

For more information, watch the tutorial: