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The DERRIS project is organising two events in Brussels on 19th and 20th March

On March 19 and 20, two Derris events will take place at Alpeuregio, on Rue de Pascale 45, Brussels.

The first one (19 March) will start at 2.30 pm until 5.30pm. The conference entitled “Insurers and Local Public entities face togheter climate change” organized by Unipol Group, is targeted to insurance and finance world, to discuss the role that insurers can play both as risk managers and investors to prevent, manage and transfer risks linked to the effects of climate change. The insights gathered in the course of the event will feed the contents of future policy and advocacy documents that the DERRIS project will draw in the coming months.

DERRIS_Insurers and local public entities face together climate change_Brussels

The second one (20 March) is a conference organized by ANCI entitled Cities and SMEs facing climate change: how to cooperate“. The event will start at 09.45am (registration time) to 12.30am. The event will see the participation of institutions such as UNISDR and EU convenant of Mayors and the Committee of the Regions and of another Life-funded project Clinomics to discuss how cities and businesses can work together to increase the resilience of local communities.


For registration and information: info@derris.eu

For further information on the DERRIS project, see the leaflet of the project.

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